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Escape, Survive, Ascend in Soulmask After narrowly escaping a deadly ritual, you discover an ancient, mystical mask that forever alters your perception of the world. Armed with the profound knowledge from the mask, you must overcome the relentless challenges of nature, gather followers, and forge a tribe of your own. Embark on a journey to explore the mysterious forces behind the mask and uncover the truths it conceals. About The Game: Soulmask is an immersive sandbox survival game where you are the "last one" chosen by the mysterious mask. Stranded in a land rich with ancient lore and primitive faiths, your mission is to survive, explore, and rise to power. From humble beginnings, you'll build, expand, and lead your tribe, delving deeper into the mysteries of the world's civilizations. Tribal Warfare Reimagined: Engage in visceral tribal conflicts with primitive clans, exile forces, or other players in an exhilarating optional PvP mode. Employ realistic physics to construct formidable fortresses on cliffs, and use primitive weapons, tools, and traps to outmaneuver your foes in an authentic age of tribal warfare. Merge Soul and Mask: Soulmask introduces a unique mechanic where you can synchronize your consciousness with that of your tribesmen, absorbing their talents and even taking control of their bodies. This ability lets you transform and harness their unique skills to strengthen your tribe. Uncover additional masks representing ancient heroes, each granting extraordinary powers—from stealth to precision attacks. Dynamic Tribal Family: The world of Soulmask is populated with a diverse array of NPCs, each with unique personalities and skills. From fierce warriors and skilled hunters to creative craftsmen and even the odd lazy drunk, your tribe can recruit a variety of characters to enhance your collective strength. Manage your tribe with advanced AI, setting up workflows for farming, patrolling, and crafting, all customizable to your strategic needs. Rich Tribal Life: After a day's work, unwind in ways that bring your tribe together or indulge in personal relaxation—smoke, drink, or soak in a hot bath. Watch as your tribesmen find their own ways to relax, engaging in activities that breathe life into your tribe, from festive dances around the bonfire to quieter moments of downtime. Step into the world of Soulmask, where survival is just the beginning of your journey towards discovering the powers and secrets held by ancient masks.
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CampFire Studio
Qooland Games
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64bit support
Windows 10
Intel Core i5-8400 / AMD Ryzen 3 3300X
16 GB
GTX 970 4GB / AMD RX 580 4GB
DirectX - 12
25 GB
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