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Homeworld 3
Standard Edition
Standard Edition includes: The base game: Homeworld 3
Homeworld 3 (PC) Set off on a monumental voyage through the stars with Homeworld 3, the newest entry in the renowned Homeworld series. Developed by Blackbird Interactive and brought to you by Gearbox Publishing, this real-time strategy game elevates the franchise's celebrated legacy. Journey across a stunningly expansive universe, commanding your fleet in a deeply immersive and strategically rich space setting. With its launch, Homeworld 3 marks a pivotal moment in the series, celebrated for revolutionizing the RTS genre with its pioneering 3D space battles and engaging narrative. Secure your Homeworld 3 Steam key today and launch into your space epic! Homeworld 3 Game Features: Homeworld 3 extends the beloved space opera saga, offering an absorbing real-time strategy experience. Here are key features that make Homeworld 3 compelling: • Strategic Freedom in 3D Space: Use cosmic phenomena like megaliths and ancient ruins to set up ambushes or conceal your fleet. • Dynamic Battlefields: Face off against fortified positions with menacing turrets and navigate perilous trench runs. • Environmental Challenges: Overcome obstacles such as particle storms and asteroid fields that demand creative strategic planning. • Advanced Combat Mechanics: Engage in battles with fully simulated ballistics, where positioning and cover significantly impact conflict outcomes. • Persistent Fleet: Progress your fleet from one mission to the next, bearing the marks of previous battles and accumulating experience to deepen the gameplay experience. • Refined Art Style: Relish a contemporary interpretation of Homeworld’s iconic design, with meticulous attention to scale, destruction, and cosmic beauty. • Continuing the Epic Saga: Dive deeper into the award-winning storyline from Homeworld 2, exploring rich themes of resource scarcity, conflict, and mystery. • War Games Mode: Tackle a three-player cooperative mode combining RTS and roguelike elements, featuring randomized fleet challenges and unlockable enhancements. • Competitive Multiplayer: Sharpen your tactical prowess against AI or human opponents in varied match setups including 1v1, free-for-all, and team-based engagements. • Affordable Homeworld 3 Pricing. Galactic Odyssey: Navigate the cosmos, commanding an array of spacecraft from nimble Fighters to powerful Bombers and Assault Frigates. Mine vital resources amidst asteroid belts, and outmaneuver your adversaries by turning space itself into a grand strategic theater. Leverage every available cosmic anomaly for cover and strategic advantage, potentially altering the outcome of your interstellar conflicts. Homeworld 3 not only builds upon the tactical richness of its predecessors but also introduces exciting new features and units, creating a battlefield ripe with endless possibilities. Ready to test your mettle? Purchase the Homeworld 3 Steam key and carve your legacy among the stars.
System requirements

64bit support
Windows 10 64-bit
Intel i5-8600K/AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
12 GB
Nvidia GTX 1060/AMD R9 480/Intel ARC A380
40 GB
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