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Enter the Gungeon Global Steam
Enter the Gungeon Overview Developed by Dodge Roll and published by Devolver Digital, Enter the Gungeon is a critically acclaimed game often compared to titles like Nuclear Throne and The Binding of Isaac. Players start by selecting one of four unique hunters, each equipped with their own skills such as summoning support or lockpicking chests. Story and Characters Set on a remote island populated by living bullets and other bizarre creatures, Enter the Gungeon follows players as they descend into the Gungeon. Here, they encounter various NPCs in need of rescue. Once saved, these characters relocate to the Breach, a secure area above the Gungeon and the starting point for each new campaign. The Breach also serves as a hub where players can unlock and purchase new items using currency earned from defeating bosses. In the depths of the Gungeon, players search for a legendary gun capable of erasing one's past. This mythical weapon is hidden within a fortress that was destroyed and later reconstructed into a heavily fortified structure. Each of the six adventures within the fortress presents its own narrative and challenges, where players confront their characters' regrets and attempt to alter their fates. Graphics and Gameplay Enter the Gungeon features retro 2D pixel graphics that perfectly complement its shoot’em up genre, adding an old-school flair to the gameplay. Players navigate through various floors of the dungeon, which consist of a randomly generated number of pre-defined rooms. Enemies and treasures within these rooms are also randomized. Players can utilize a range of tactics, including a signature dodge roll to avoid attacks and using furniture for defense or attack. The game boasts over 300 different weapons found in chests or purchased at the Breach. Multiplayer and Features The game includes a co-operative multiplayer mode where a second player can join as a fifth character. Together, players can explore the dungeon, dodge bullets, and uncover its many secrets, including hidden rooms and traps. Reception and Availability Upon release, Enter the Gungeon received favorable reviews and enjoyed commercial success, selling over 200,000 copies in its first week. Renowned for blending elements of the roguelike and shoot’em up genres, Enter the Gungeon offers a rich and engaging experience that challenges players to find the gun to kill their past, all while battling bosses and collecting treasures. The game is available on PC, and players should look for the best offers available. Key Features A unique blend of roguelike and shoot’em up gameplay. Set on a peculiar planet inhabited by animated bullets and strange creatures. Diverse floors with a randomly generated setup. Central quest of finding a legendary gun that can kill the past. Engaging boss fights and treasure collection. Classic 2D pixel graphics. Options for single-player and cooperative multiplayer gameplay. Choice of four distinct characters. An arsenal of over 300 weapons. Trade currency earned from bosses for new weapons. Encounter helpful NPCs throughout your missions.
System requirements

Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 (2*1866) or equivalent
GeForce 7600 GS (512 MB) or equivalent
2 GB
2 GB
Windows 7
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