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Assassin's Creed: Origins Gold Edition Global Xbox One
Assassin's Creed Origins Embark on a journey to Ancient Egypt, a realm of mighty pharaohs shrouded in mystery. In Assassin's Creed: Origins, uncover the origins of the Brotherhood and delve into the contemporary saga of Abstergo Industries. Explore the depths of their sinister agendas and strive to thwart their dominion. This installment blends classic Assassin's Creed gameplay with a host of innovative features that elevate the series to new heights. The Tale of Bayek Follow the compelling story of Bayek, a distinguished Nubian warrior, and witness the monumental events that forge the Brotherhood. The narrative spans two time periods, providing a complete portrayal of the forces driving Abstergo Industries. Dive into their hidden motives and disrupt their plans before it’s too late. Exploring Ancient Egypt Travel through the majestic landscapes of Ancient Egypt, from its grand pyramids and mysterious catacombs to its breathtaking architecture. Navigate the Nile's currents, battling both historical adversaries and the wild creatures that roam these ancient lands. Unravel the narrative through immersive quests and traverse the expansive world on foot with your acrobatic prowess or atop your trusty mount. Rise in Strength Arm Bayek with an array of lethal weaponry, each endowed with unique characteristics and rare attributes. Assassin's Creed: Origins introduces an intricate progression system with a customizable skill tree tailored to match your preferred combat style. Earn experience to unlock new skills, reinforcing the Brotherhood’s legendary status. Employ an extensive crafting system to enhance your weapons and gear, optimizing your approach to conflicts and strategy. Key Features: Engaging storyline interwoven with historical and fictional elements. Revamped combat system enriched with a versatile skill tree. Dynamic day-night cycle influencing NPC behavior. A visually captivating open world, offering diverse modes of exploration.
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