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Worms Revolution
Customization Pack
Make your mark in Worms Revolution with the exclusive Customisation Pack! Features Include: • Unique Theme - The Junkyard: Dive into battles with a distinct new backdrop that sets the perfect scene for destruction. • New Physics Objects: Add chaos to your gameplay with 5 unique items designed to amplify the action: Car Battery, Pliers, Toxic Canister, Hot Air Gun, and Anti-Freeze. • Stylish Hats: Accessorize your worms with 7 fresh hats including a Bandana, Gear Stick, Tyre, Afro, Flat Cap, Rapper Hat, and Backwards Baseball Hat to add personality and flair to your team. • Cool Trinkets: Equip your worms with 7 new trinkets like a Saxophone, Spray Can, Lump Hammer, License Plate, Oil Can, Spark Plug, and an Oversized Clock to stand out on the battlefield. • Creative Gravestones: Mark your fallen worms with 6 new gravestone designs: Hub Cap, Washing Machine, Gold Record, Headstone with White Rose, Bucket Seat, and Trash Can. Elevate your game and personalize your squad with these exclusive additions, making your Worms Revolution experience even more memorable and unique!
Worms Revolution: A Fresh Take on Classic Strategy Released in 2012 by Team 17, Worms Revolution brought new life to the beloved turn-based strategy series. Available on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, this installment adds explosive new elements to the classic Worms formula, earning very positive reviews on Steam for its enhanced graphics and engaging gameplay. Gameplay Overview Worms Revolution modernizes the iconic artillery-based combat that fans adore. Dive into a variety of game modes and guide your worm army to victory across innovative maps. The game introduces new physics objects, an expanded arsenal of weapons, and dynamic water effects that transform the tactical play landscape. As you maneuver your squad across the battlefield, strategic planning is key. Utilize a host of destructive tools to blast your way through enemy defenses and secure victory. The game features four distinct classes of worms—Soldier, Scout, Scientist, and Heavy—each with unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Customize your worms with a variety of cosmetic options, making each character stand out. The game also debuts new environments, adding depth and complexity to your strategic decisions. Explosive Features • Enhanced Weaponry and Maps: Enjoy a richer array of devastating weapons and discover the strategic implications of each map's physical landscape. • Dynamic Water Physics: Experience the innovative water physics that add a new layer of strategy to the classic gameplay. Water can now accumulate in different areas of the map, creating new challenges and opportunities for tactical play. • Class-Based Worm Warfare: Choose from different worm classes such as the nimble Scout or the clever Scientist to outsmart your opponents with specialized tactics. • Customizable Worms: Personalize your worm army with fun and quirky accessories, making each member of your team unique. • Solo and Multiplayer Fun: Tackle solo puzzle missions, complete a challenging campaign, or compete in exciting multiplayer matches for up to four players. Worms Revolution revitalizes the series with fresh mechanics and visuals while staying true to the humor and charm that have made Worms a worldwide favorite. Whether you’re strategizing alone or battling friends, Worms Revolution offers countless hours of fun and mayhem.
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Team17 Digital Ltd
Team17 Digital Ltd
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Core 2 Duo 2 GHz
256 MB VRAM - NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / Radeon HD 3650
2 GB
Windows XP / Vista / 7
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