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Worms Reloaded
Forts Pack DLC
The Worms Reloaded "Forts Pack" includes: 20 engaging single-player levels set in a variety of fort-themed missions. 10 new forts specifically designed for multiplayer combat. A fresh "Fort" landscape theme. 3 stylish new hats. 3 updated speech banks. 3 unique gravestones. 12 additional Achievements to unlock. Features at a glance: 20 fort-based missions for single players. 1 new landscape theme based on forts. 10 multiplayer forts. 3 hats. 3 speech banks. 3 gravestones. 12 Achievements.
A decade after Worms Armageddon, the strategic chaos ensues with Worms Reloaded, a fresh installment available on PC via Steam. This title rejuvenates the series with multiplayer features supporting up to four players both online and offline, complete with voice support. It introduces an array of zany new weapons along with favorites from the franchise's storied history. With updated high-definition landscape themes, innovative forts for Fort mode, a landscape editor, new play modes, and customizable options like hats, skins, and speech banks, the game is rich in content and variety. The single-player mode in Worms Reloaded is equally impressive, offering tutorials, deathmatches, races, fort games, and puzzles. It showcases a new HD graphics engine, refined physics, and challenging AI across seven personality types, ranging from easy to very hard, including unique styles such as vengeful and cocky. Customize your gameplay with thousands of possibilities for your team of worms, various game settings, and personal levels, allowing for a tailored gaming experience. Features include: Extensive Single-Player Content: Engage in 35 single-player missions, with an additional 30 in the Warzone Campaign designed for advanced players. Try surviving in Bodycount mode with just one worm against endlessly tougher enemies. Train with comprehensive tutorials and firing ranges. Online and Local Multiplayer: Enjoy up to 4-player multiplayer action, supported by Steamworks for seamless updates, friends lists, leaderboards, chat, and more. Massive Customization Options: Customize worm appearances, victory dances, gravestones, voices, and HUDs. Choose from over 70 hats, and purchase additional landscapes, weapons, and other items using in-game currency. Over 70 speech banks are available, including 50 classics and more than 20 new sets. Advanced Landscape Creation Tool: The landscape editor returns with new features like bridges and the ability to import custom levels. Create unique game modes with adjustable starting positions, mines, and schemes. Vertical landscapes and new hazards like sentry guns and electromagnets freshen up gameplay, while the scheme editor lets you tailor every game aspect. Worms Reloaded promises a rich and engaging experience filled with fun and strategic depth, maintaining the series' charm while introducing new elements to captivate both newcomers and long-time fans.
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Team17 Digital Ltd
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