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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Global Xbox One/Series
Restore order and prevent the collapse of Washington D.C. in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Team up with friends in both cooperative and PvP modes, harness powerful weapons and gear, and take on the role of a key defender of the capital in a critical state of emergency. Yet, the challenge doesn't stop after the campaign ends. Post-level 30, Division agents unlock new specializations, game modes, raids, and more, continuing the adventure in a fragmented, post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. Battle countless dangers in the city streets, navigating both open and densely urban areas. Engage solo or join forces with up to four players to tackle a variety of activities, from the main campaign to player-versus-player conflicts and ventures into the Dark Zone. Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is regarded as one of the most ambitious video games ever developed, featuring a beautifully crafted futuristic shooter landscape with revamped tools and innovative gameplay. Experience a new progression system filled with unexpected twists and surprises. Immerse yourself in an RPG and online shooting experience where exploration and character development are crucial. Navigate a lawless world, encounter hostile groups, and fight alongside others for a more certain victory. The game offers a fresh narrative set seven months after the New York incident from the first title, challenging players with tactical combat and strategic planning as they aim to liberate and secure key points in the city. Prepare for challenging encounters with a variety of enemy types, tough boss fights, and breathtaking combat scenarios. As you defeat these bosses, you'll acquire new weapons and gear. Each Division agent brings unique skills to the team, with no member being dispensable. The challenge intensifies as you face well-matched and numerous foes. Set to release in March 2019, The Division 2 moves the action to a devastated Washington D.C., where you and a team of elite military professionals are tasked with restoring order. The game, available on Xbox One through Xbox Live, features a fully renovated open world, enriched with many RPG elements and a cooperative shooter experience. On the technical front, The Division 2 utilizes an updated version of the Snowdrop graphics engine, ensuring a visually stunning experience. According to Julian Gerighty, the creative director at Massive Entertainment, insights gained over the past two years have been instrumental in enhancing the game. Key features: Free Washington D.C.: Explore an open, dynamic, and hostile world to save a nation teetering on the brink. Strength in Unity: Specialize and collaborate with friends in co-op mode or compete against them in PvP. Reinvented Genres: Tailor your gameplay with unique class specializations to overcome the most daunting challenges with your team. Whether completing the campaign solo or with others, The Division 2 offers accessibility to all players. However, engaging in cooperative play becomes essential as you progress into more challenging difficulties and raids.
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