Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition Global Xbox One/Series

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Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition Global Xbox One/Series
Experience the thrilling impact of an AT-AT stomping across the icy expanse of Hoth and race through the verdant forests of Endor on an Imperial speeder bike, weaving through blaster fire. Take to the skies in exhilarating dogfights where X-wings and TIE fighters clash in epic aerial combat. Star Wars Battlefront lets you dive into the iconic Star Wars battles of your dreams and craft your own legendary moments. The Ultimate Edition broadens your universe with the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass, featuring four expansion packs and granting you two-week early access to each new expansion. Dive into the action with instant access to exclusive in-game items, special emotes, and more! Features: Epic Ground Battles: Gear up for large-scale terrestrial combat. Take the fight to the enemy by foot, pilot a towering AT-AT, speed across battlefields on speeder bikes, and more. Battle across diverse landscapes including the icy plains of Hoth, the dense forests of Endor, the stark deserts of Tatooine, and the uncharted terrain of Sullust. Intense Star Wars Dogfights: Command the cockpit of the saga's most iconic vehicles. Engage in aerial duels piloting X-wings, TIE fighters, and even the legendary Millennium Falcon. Play as Iconic Characters: Step into the roles of the galaxy’s greatest heroes and villains. Play as characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett, or interact with favorites from the original trilogy such as C-3PO and R2-D2. An Authentic Experience: Star Wars Battlefront offers an immersive experience that faithfully recreates the universe. Explore well-known planets with stunning realism, enjoy authentic sound effects from the films, and marvel at the digital replicas of original Star Wars movie models. This game truly encapsulates the essence of the Star Wars legacy. Made for Jedi and Padawans Alike: Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the galaxy, Star Wars Battlefront offers varied ways to engage in the action. Switch effortlessly between first-person and third-person views. Undertake meticulously designed missions for the Empire or Rebellion, alone or with a friend, or join massive online multiplayer battles supporting up to 40 players.
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