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Prison Architect Global Steam
Prison Architect offers two primary gameplay modes: a story-driven campaign and an open-ended sandbox mode. The story campaign is intensely engaging, where the success of your prison hinges on preventing escapes by either rehabilitating inmates or enforcing strict discipline. Your challenge is to transform a barren plot into a functional prison facility, earning money per inmate per day. Starting small, you gradually expand your prison to house more inmates, thus increasing your earnings and enabling further expansion. Variety in Construction Prison Architect provides a wide range of intuitive construction options. Plan and execute your designs using a simple planning tool that helps define the size, location, and layout of your structures. Construct the external walls and foundations first, then designate where the internal walls will carve out individual rooms. The game offers diverse zoning tools to specify the purpose of each room, whether it’s offices, cells, canteens, or utility areas for essential services like electricity and water. Limitless Building Possibilities Whether you possess basic design skills or have more elaborate architectural visions, Prison Architect lets you build freely. You can construct simple structures or complex designs resembling the USS Enterprise—your creativity is the limit. Once built, the real task begins: managing the prison and its inmates. In-Depth Management Managing your prison is more complex than building it. Strategic planning and financial prudence are crucial. Overbuilding early on can deplete your funds, while underbuilding might lead to operational challenges. Comprehensive management tools are at your disposal, including staff employment to advance research and access detailed reports on everything from inmate needs to security ratios. Customize Your Inmates Manage the balance between the ease of controlling your prisoners and the revenue they generate. Explore grants that offer additional funds for achieving specific goals, assess your prison's value, and possibly sell it to fund new projects. A Host of Functionalities Implement educational programs, engage prisoners in labor to cut staff costs, arm your guards, and manage segregation strategies to streamline operations. Prison Architect is a sophisticated management simulator with intricate, well-crafted mechanics. Diverse Inmate Population Inmates vary in security levels from low to maximum, each providing different revenue streams. Some prisoners even have unique backgrounds. Keeping inmates content can boost your profits, but be wary—their management requires constant vigilance, plenty of guards, and proactive contraband control to prevent unrest and gang activities. Key Features • Three distinct campaign modes to manage your prison. • An engaging, narrative-driven gameplay experience. • A flexible sandbox mode for limitless creation. • Advanced building systems with a variety of construction options and layouts. • Comprehensive management controls, including staffing decisions and financial oversight. • Extensive customization options for inmate management.
System requirements

Intel Core2 Duo 2.4Ghz / AMD 3Ghz
4 GB
Nvidia 8600 / Radeon (2009 era)
300 MB
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