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Panzer Paladin
The spectacle of enormous swords slicing through the night sky might be unnerving, but hold your ground! The menacing Ravenous and his horde of formidable demons are gearing up for an epic confrontation. Despite the might of the world's armies, they stand little chance against these supernatural foes. However, humanity isn't out of options yet—we have the ultimate weapon: the state-of-the-art power armor known as Paladin. It's time for Flame, a determined android, to step up as a Squire, pilot the Paladin armor, and hunt down the Weapon Keepers and their nefarious leader. The battle that pits the pinnacle of human technological innovation against the dark powers of the occult has just started! Arm yourself with weapons seized from the Netherworld's denizens and turn their own might against them! Demonstrate the formidable combination of advanced technology and expert swordsmanship. Carve, smash, and thrust your way through a series of breathtaking levels across the globe, all depicted in nostalgic 8-bit graphics. Jump into your Paladin armor and engage in battle! Gameplay: Panzer Paladin is an action-platformer game that emphasizes skilled swordplay. The player controls the Paladin power armor to combat giant demons, using the very weapons dropped by these foes against them. At the heart of Panzer Paladin’s gameplay is dynamic swordplay. Players can equip any weapon found on the battlefield, choose to attack or defend, and target attacks strategically. The game features a rock-paper-scissors style weapon advantage system and allows for casting spells by breaking weapons. With a plethora of weapons available in each level, players are encouraged to use them liberally. While the Paladin armor is your primary means of combat, players can also eject and take control of Flame, the agile Squire pilot, who uses a laser whip for attacks, navigating gaps, and recharging the Paladin’s energy. Story: Mysterious giant weapons—from swords to hammers—have torn through the cosmos and struck significant earthly sites as a declaration of war against humanity. The first strike cleaved through the Parthenon atop the Acropolis of Athens, each weapon tearing a rift in reality and unleashing legions of immense demons. In response to these catastrophic events, the International Security Council established Gauntlet, a committee dedicated to developing advanced defense technologies. Gauntlet learned that the only way to defeat the Netherworld creatures is with their own armaments. Spirit Weapons, forged from the spirits of the deceased, corrupt humans who wield them, but machines are immune to this demonic corruption. Thus, Flame, a former rescue operations android, was recommissioned as a Squire and given control of Grit, the last operational Paladin unit—advanced power armor capable of wielding Spirit Weapons. To arms! Commanding from their flying base, the Avalon, Gauntlet is prepared for the looming battle. It’s up to Flame and Grit to take down the Weapon Keepers and eventually confront Ravenous, the sinister mastermind behind the invasion. Key Features: • Dive into an engaging action-platformer with intuitive and exhilarating swordplay. • Control the powerful Paladin armor, Grit, or play as Flame, the nimble Squire pilot. • A unique clash of robots against demons, using the latest in technology. • Collect and wield over 100 melee weapons from enemies. • Utilize weapons extensively: wield, toss, or shatter them to cast spells. • Engage in combat across 17 thrilling levels set in various global locations. • Enjoy beautifully crafted 8-bit graphics that evoke classic gaming nostalgia.
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Tribute Games Inc.
Tribute Games Inc.
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64bit support
Windows 7
Intel Core i3
1 GB
OpenGL 3.0
350 MB
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