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Murdered: Soul Suspect Global Xbox One/Series
Solving Your Own Murder from Beyond the Grave In the supernatural detective thriller, Murdered: Soul Suspect, players face the ultimate challenge: solving their own murder. Ronan O'Connor, a detective with a troubled past, meets a violent end during a burglary gone wrong, at the hands of a brutal killer. Finding himself in the liminal space of the afterlife, known as 'Dusk,' Ronan's only chance to escape is to solve the mystery of his murder using his instinct as a detective and newfound supernatural powers. As Ronan, players can roam the eerie town of Salem with its classic New England wooden houses, winding streets, gothic churches, and an ominous mental asylum. Along the way, you'll confront demonic spirits bent on consuming your soul, while piecing together startling truths about your demise. Features: Supernatural Detective Story: Tackle the most personal case of all—your murder—from the spectral shadows of the afterlife. Engrossing Narrative and Characters: Unravel a complex story filled with twists and a compelling cast that deepens the mystery of Salem’s dark secrets. Explore Dual Worlds: Navigate both the living and the dead realms of Salem, a city steeped in supernatural lore. Return to key scenes to uncover new leads, even after investigations seem complete. Utilize Ghostly Abilities: Employ supernatural detective skills like possessing the living to read thoughts, walking through walls, and teleporting. Use poltergeist powers to manipulate objects and unearth hidden truths by interacting with spirits and accessing concealed memories. Engaging Side Content: Collect clues, undertake side missions, and solve additional cases to gather insights about Salem’s history and its inhabitants, boosting your detective ranking and piecing together the puzzle of your killer. Evade and Outsmart Demons: Dodge or outwit malevolent spirits that prey on souls, using your spectral abilities strategically to survive and preserve your soul.
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