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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Global GOG
The Divine has perished, the encroachment of the Void is imminent, and dormant powers within you are on the verge of awakening. The struggle for Divinity has commenced. Decision-making will be paramount, and caution is advised as malevolence resides in every soul. Who will you embody in this saga? You could take on the persona of a carnivorous Elf, a regal Imperial Lizard, or perhaps an Undead resurrected from the tomb. Each choice impacts how the world perceives and interacts with you, introducing unique dynamics and narrative arcs—ushering in a novel era for Divinity. Form your alliance and forge profound relationships with your companions. Engage in sophisticated, tactical, turn-based combat where strategic use of the environment and elemental manipulation are key to victory. Elevate your status to that of a deity, which the world of Rivellon desperately seeks. Navigate the expansive and multifaceted world of Rivellon, either solo or with up to three other players through seamless drop-in/drop-out cooperative gameplay. The realm invites boundless exploration and interaction, where every object and entity can be a component of your journey. Beyond the conventional boundaries, new PvP and Game Master modes await discovery. Features at a glance: • Character Customization: Choose from six distinct origin characters, each with bespoke backgrounds and quests, or create your own from races including Humans, Lizards, Elves, Dwarves, or Undead. Every decision influences the trajectory of your journey. • Unlimited Exploration and Experimentation: The world is your oyster. Engage with anyone, manipulate objects, and even converse with the deceased. Every NPC and creature offers potential insights and outcomes. • Advanced Tactical Combat: Master the art of combat with over 200 skills across 12 skill schools. Utilize the environment, command the elements, and leverage verticality to outsmart an AI that represents the pinnacle of our design—AI 2.0. • Multiplayer and Modding Capabilities: Experience the game with friends in online or local split-screen multiplayer, supported fully by controllers. Expand your adventure with user-generated content via the Steam Workshop. • Game Master Mode: Elevate your gaming experience by creating custom narratives with the Game Master Mode, a toolset designed to craft and share unique adventures. • 4K Support: Enjoy the game in stunning 4K resolution, setting a new standard for visual fidelity in role-playing games. This game is a testament to the evolutionary trajectory of RPGs, offering players a rich tapestry of content and interactive possibilities that push the boundaries of traditional gameplay.
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